This center is an independent scientific research and intellectual body, and considers itself one of the expressions of civil society in Syria defending basic public freedoms “political, economic, social, cultural” and is based on respecting the mind and affirming its freedom to acquire and develop knowledge and aim to contribute and The initiative to support the emission of energies and civil initiatives. And it cares about the issues of Syrian society from a critical analytical site, starting from the daily reality questions that affect people in society.

It also seeks to achieve its objectives through research activities and practical and intellectual.

Adopting the center for this purpose include scientific programs do theoretical and field research and holding seminars and conferences.

The Center cooperates with non-governmental institutions, centers and associations that share the same affairs while preserving the full independence of its work and the foundations of its thinking.

Advisory Board

It  consists of a number of intellectual and public personalities, who are nominated by the Center and seek their opinion in defining the general directions and policy of the Center and evaluating its work and programs, and this council is consulted at least once a year.

A number of researchers who will cooperate with the center in the implementation of each of its programs.  

Advisory Board

Dr.. Moncef Marzouki

Dr.. Abdul Hussain Shaaban

Dr.. Violet Dagher

Dr.. Kamal Mughith

Dr.. Arab Decorations

Dr.. Muhammad Hafiz Yaqoub

A- Hussein Al-Odat

2- The executive body

3 – The center issues a non-periodical newsletter, “almost every three months.”

The center is legally registered in Swedish records and granted legal license   :

Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies

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