March 25, 2023


Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies

“Money House” and political begging

Studies and Civil Rights

After careful reading of the statements and statements of political parties, Islamic and “Islamist” groups, in an attempt to monitor their vision of the issue of separating religion from the state, and in a survey that also included careful reading of most of the foundational data of these parties and groups, it was found that most of the research on the topic of separating religion from the state was Eat it, each in its own way, from the political side only; And some of them touched on the historical aspect of the dialectical relationship between religion and the state, but the research has seldom drifted to the most important trend, namely financial and economic divisions in the reciprocal relationship between religion and the state, or in both of them separately. 

But, frankly, the economic and financial aspect has been deliberately and deliberately diminished by political parties and Islamist groups. Indeed, this issue has been completely removed from their political program, and Islamist groups have attacked anyone who advocates the principle of separating religion from the state, and they have had their evidence from evidence. History, religious text, frequent transportation, and atonement for everyone who advocates this principle, not caring about what they do, and they do not know that they are the first to “separate” religion from the state before others, and that in its economic part in their money cycle!

The deliberate and deliberate indecision of these parties and groups to their economic policies is the shortest way to block the way for peoples to demand the implementation of those policies! And distance itself from accountability and accountability. If the Muslim Brotherhood has a share in the ruling, and according to “what they claim” that the percentage of their supporters from the people exceeds 60% by water, then will the Zakat, charity, aid and levies money from the facilitators that pour into the group’s fund be transferred to the state treasury?!.

The financial side always has its red lines, it is often the deliberately invisible part, in third world countries. I remember in this regard that a member of Parliament elected by the people in an Arab country, one of the slogans of the ruling party (socialism), and because of his question about mobile phone deals, and who is the exclusive beneficiary of them, was thrown into the darkness of the prison, despite his parliamentary immunity! We have forgotten this MP, but unfortunately for him, that socialism “declared” in his forthcoming but means “partnership” state strengthened its people, and in one direction  ( (One-Way
It is not the right of the people to participate in the country’s goods, and no one has the right to ask, not even the representative of the people in Parliament. Here, when we speak, we are talking about millions or even billions of dollars that go away from the state treasury, and those who deserve it from the common people .

We all know the decision taken by the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, lawyer Ali Sadr al-Din al-Bayanouni, to expel a member of his group ( Ali al-Ahmad ) after twenty-seven years in service with the group, simply by asking him about public funds, and about the group’s financial statements. It has been dismissed, in a crude dictatorship manner, that proves that their own leadership interests are above all else. Today, more than fifty years after the birth of the group, she began thinking about becoming a political party, in the name of a new modernist! It may take another fifty years to set its financial program! We will not forget in this regard the operations of money laundering of the group’s money in Egypt, and the legal implications of it!

The same absent question was also posed by our colleague ( Raed Qasim ) in his research (I will pay the five but)! Criticizing: “But where do the funds of the five go? And why do we find an impact on the societal economy? These are questions that need detailing and clarification, which may be revealed in the coming periods of the life of each society from which this tax comes out and does not return!” In light of this statement, I find it legitimate to ask: Can Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in Lebanon, as a substitute for his claim to a third of the ministry plus one, transfer a third of Hezbollah’s money through the fifth to the Lebanese state’s treasury ?!

It is the separation of the title of politics and economics in our Middle Eastern world that has led to a decline in the rates of growth and prosperity, accompanied by a rise in the rates of repression and political exclusion of citizens, and the curtailment of his freedom and the limitation of his ideology. Note that most universities and science centers list politics and economics as two sides of the same coin and an integrated course of study. Together, they are the test of the credibility and transparency of entire parties, groups and ruling systems .

While we find that Japan and Germany in particular, and Europe and America in general, took care of the economic side and unleashed freedom in their economies, which made them among the great countries, because in the money cycle is a force. The economic policies of all the parties there are the basis for the race for seats in Parliament, and even for the presidency .

We will not neglect here to point out that some Islamic countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and with them the United Arab Emirates, are actively seeking, in combating the major industrial and commercial countries, through economic awakening and continuous commercial modernization, by bringing investments into these countries, and then Re-invest their money and returns flow abroad by buying big and giant companies. As the experience of these countries deserves study, care and admiration .

Finally, the obvious question comes to me: If the policies of “leaders” and “militants” will not serve the welfare of their people and contribute to raising their daily living suffering, then why race to the ballot boxes? Is it the political begging to use the slogan “democracy” and “once” to reach power, and then we don’t know what will happen in the financial cycle and the affairs of its administrations, because we are in constant negligence ?!