January 25, 2022


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2021 awards show season dates: Oscars, Globes and Grammys

Trying to keep up with the changing awards season dates, due to COVID-19 delays? We have you covered.

Here’s a guide to keep track of Hollywood’s biggest nights in 2021.

January 2021

Jan. 11: Gotham Awards

Jan. 18: Critics’ Choice Awards TV nominations announced

Jan. 26: National Board of Review Awards

Jan. 26: Independent Spirit Awards nominations announced

February 2021

Feb. 1: Oscars preliminary voting begins

Feb. 3: Golden Globes nominees announced

Feb. 3: Writers Guild of America TV nominations announced

Feb. 4 : Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations announced

Feb. 8: Critics’ Choice Awards film nominations announced

Feb. 9: Oscars shortlists announced

Feb.12: Writers Guild of America Awards film screenplay nominations announced

Feb. 25: Art Directors Guild nominations announced

Feb. 26: American Film Institute Awards celebration

Feb. 26: Producers Guild of America TV nominations announced

Feb. 28: Golden Globe Awards

March 2021

March 3: Annie Award nominations announced

March 4: Costume Designers Guild Awards nominations announced

March 7: Critics’ Choice Awards

March 8: Directors Guild of America TV nominations announced

March 9: BAFTA nominations announced

March 9: Directors Guild of America nominations announced

March 10: Oscar nominations voting ends

March 14: Grammy Awards

March 15: Oscar nominations announced

March 21: Writers Guild of America Awards

March 24: Producers Guild of America Awards

April 2021

April 3: Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards

April 4: Screen Actors Guild Awards

April 10: Art Directors Guild Awards

April 10: Directors Guild of America Awards

April 11: BAFTAs

April 13: Costume Designers Guild Awards

April 15: Oscars final voting begins

April 16: Annie Awards

April 20: Oscars final voting ends

April 24: Independent Spirit Awards

April 25: Oscars