December 7, 2021


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See ‘Minari’ star Alan Kim’s sweet reaction to Globe win

Need a wholesome way to kick off your second March in a pandemic? Alan Kim, who plays David in “Minari,” has you covered.

As Gal Gadot took the stage to announce the winner for the 2021 Golden Globe for foreign language film Sunday night, the 8-year-old hovered over the screen, willing her to say “Minari.”

When she did just that, the second-grader threw his hands in the air and screamed, just as writer-director Lee Isaac Chung’s daughter jumped into his arms.

But the cuteness didn’t stop there. After Chung accepted the award, he thanked his cast and collaborators. And Alan, already beaming, jumped for joy upon hearing his name.

Alan, who, in an interview with The Times last year revealed that he loves Legos and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles, made his debut in “Minari,” the Arkansas-set tale about a Korean American family that moves to a rural farm in the 1980s.

Fluent in English and Korean, he took on the role of a boy whose yearning to run free through the wilderness surrounding his family’s new trailer is restrained due to a heart murmur.

Despite being a film about life in the United States, “Minari” was not a contender for best picture. Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. rules deem films with more than half their dialogue in a language other than English ineligible for that category.