October 2, 2022


Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies

Mike Pence’s COVID-19 vaccination was obscene

To the editor: I find it the height of obscenity that Vice President Mike Pence and Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were among the first Americans to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when they have all but ignored the pandemic for the last 10 months.

They fiddled while we burned. They allowed millions to fall ill and thousands to die, as those who wore masks and followed the safety guidelines were ridiculed by their supporters. Their arrogance and lack of leadership have caused way too many unnecessary deaths.

And now, they are among the first to be vaccinated. They should have been put at the back of the line.

Martin Mangione, Arroyo Grande, Calif.


To the editor: As columnist Robin Abcarian points out, wearing a mask is a precaution that we must all take to stem the virus outbreak.

As a baby boomer, I remember my parents telling me about the domestic sacrifices made by American households during World War II. Everyone stepped up as the rationing of gasoline, dairy, coffee and nylon was a national mandate. They were part of the greatest generation.

Now, we are in another war. For those who consider the simple task of putting on a mask to save lives as too much, I submit that you are part of the selfish generation. Step up.

Joel Miller, Torrance


To the editor: When Pence declared that “hope is on the way” while being administered a COVID-19 vaccine, I assume he was referring to the incoming Biden administration (which cannot take over a minute too soon).

Ted Rubin, Valley Glen