Who cares what political pundits think about the pandemic?

To the editor: George Skelton’s column expressing impatience with the governor’s declaration of June 15 as the potential “reopening day” for California is fundamentally, perhaps fatally flawed.

Skelton impugns the wisdom of letting the public health professionals drive the virus response, but then supports his pro-business view by citing “overwhelming” likely voter support for the view that the “worst is behind us.”

While all would love that to be the case, what’s next? Polling in response to persistent fever, chills and headache rather than making a medical appointment? Punditry in lieu of prevention?

Thanks, Mr. Skelton, but count me in with the health pros on this one.

Blaise Jackson, Escondido


To the editor: At first, I thought Skelton’s article about Gov. Gavin Newsom announcing the possible June15 reopening of the state had to be a late April Fools’ Day joke.

“Every Californian has an unalienable right to a day at the beach.” In the middle of a pandemic? Really?

“He has allowed single-minded health experts to all but run the show.” And who would Skelton prefer “running the show” during a pandemic? Disney? I often agree with Skelton’s views, but here he sounds like some fool who just arrived from either Texas or Florida.

“When we lean too heavily on the pandemic’s unofficial watchword, ‘science’ — which is perpetually changing anyway — other factors are reduced to low priority.” And Skelton would rather we lean on what, fantasy?

Bill Bertonneau, Glendora


To the editor: I was horrified to read Skelton’s piece. People do not have an “unalienable right” to do what they want at the expense of others. Should we repeal laws on seat belts and smoking?

I would hope that health experts are single-mindedly focused on mitigating the ravages of this disease. Who should be dictating policy in this instance?

Skelton criticizes Newsom for his “herky-jerky” attempts to restart the economy. That alone should tell him that reopening too soon is dangerous.

Yes, the economic impact of this pandemic has been devastating, but far more devastating is the number of deaths it has caused.

Jane Peters, Los Angeles


To the editor: The cynic in me (of which there is, most likely, far too much) couldn’t help but marvel at the implications of the typographical exuberance on display on the front page of the April 7 print edition: “Full reopening set for June 15” was in extra-large font, while the more ominous “‘Double mutant’ has landed” was smaller and in the far right corner.

This choice would seem to speak for itself in terms of where we all are with “COVID fatigue.” Nonetheless, it raises questions about our state’s proposed reopening that I’m afraid too many would rather simply sweep under the proverbial rug.

David Vivian, Goleta