May 16, 2021


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Latest on L.A. second-dose COVID vaccine appointments

Wondering about how to get your appointment for the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine? You’re not alone.

L.A. County admits the process has been “stressful.” Originally, patients were told they’d have to make their own second appointments. In recent weeks, the county updated that guidance to say that it will schedule them automatically and email you the date and time to confirm.

This week, the county quietly updated things again: We’ll schedule it automatically and notify you, but if you never hear from us, just show up.

“You will receive an email confirming the place and date of your second dose appointment — please confirm the time of the appointment,” the county’s website now reads. “If you have not yet received an email, please go to the location where you got your first dose at the same time as your first appointment. Remember to bring your white vaccine record card or electronic vaccine record AND a photo ID. Please check your spam folder.”

In other words: If you got your first shot at a county-run location in Los Angeles, you should receive an email scheduling your second one; if you don’t get an email, go back to that location at the same time either 21 or 28 days later (depending on whether you got the Pfizer or Moderna shot) and you’ll be eligible to receive your second dose.

These county-run locations administered the Pfizer vaccine: Cal State Northridge, Magic Mountain, the Forum, the County Office of Education, and the Pomona Fairplex.

These ones administered Moderna: El Sereno, Balboa Sports Complex, Hazard & Belvedere, and Ritchie Valens Recreation Center. Two of those sites have closed. If you got your first dose at Ritchie Valens, you will need to go to Balboa for your second; if you were initially vaccinated at Hazard & Belvedere, you’ll be going to El Sereno.

If you were vaccinated at one of the L.A. City Fire Department sites — Dodger Stadium, Crenshaw Clinic, San Fernando Clinic, Lincoln Park Clinic, or Hansen Dam — you will receive an email and text from Carbon Health with information about your second appointment. Carbon Health says the notifications will arrive three to seven days before your second dose appointment, and will contain a link to reschedule your appointment if needed.

If you were vaccinated at a pharmacy, hospital, nursing home or another location not run by the government, reach out to the provider or site and ask for guidance on setting up your second dose.

Try not to stress too much about getting the second dose precisely 21 or 28 days after the first: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you have up to 42 days after your initial shot to get the second one. Think of the 21-day or 28-day mark as the starting point for when you should get that second dose, not the deadline.

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