July 31, 2021


Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies

NBA postpones two games in accordance with COVID-19 protocols

The NBA has postponed two games as rosters throughout the league have been thinned by either positive coronavirus tests or contact tracing.

Monday morning, the NBA postponed Dallas’ game with New Orleans set for later that night and Tuesday’s meeting between the Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics. Boston and Dallas have had their rosters severely limited because of the league’s health and safety protocols.

The league announced that it would meet with the players union later Monday about modifying the health and safety protocols.

Sunday’s game between Miami and the Celtics was also postponed.

NBA rules require a team to have at least eight players to avoid forfeiture. Philadelphia played a game with seven players Saturday.

The Lakers and Clippers have been relatively free from the effect of the protocols. Lakers guard Alex Caruso missed five games after having close contact with someone who tested positive for the virus. Caruso said he never registered a positive test.

“Some family stopped by for a little bit and they tested positive a couple of days after that. It was really poor and unfortunate timing. That was pretty much it,” Caruso said.

“I think the league has done a good job of getting it right so far. That’s kind of the whole point of the contact tracing. It’s not knowing if I tested positive or not, staying away from the team, because you don’t want me to show up without testing positive and I’m around everybody and half got it. So, I understand the policy.”